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The Grass is Green in the Fields for You is a small press publisher investigating the unsung corners of music culture, its participants and visual culture.


The Dirty Year — Matthias Andersson

TGIGITFFY—009 / May 2019
The second reprint on the label; The Dirty Year by Matthias Andersson. Originally published as the introduction to Fördämning #11 (February 2017)

Fördämning was a regularly released fanzine operating from September 2012 to August 2015 reaching 15 issues. Published by Matthias Andersson via the excellent I Dischi Del Barone record imprint.

The Dirty Year tells of a period of collecting, obsession and good old fashioned luck. The text operates much like a fanzine itself giving hints towards areas of investigation whilst providing a humorous account of chasing a dream. FFO Saturday visits to record shops, the elusive release and the joy of discovery.

Matthias Andersson is based in Gothenburg, Sweden. He currently heads up the impeccable record label and underground distributor I Dischi Del Barone.
115mm x 160mm, 12pp, staple bound, hand stamped cover with sticker, open edition.

£3 + Postage — B U Y