The Grass is Green in the Fields for You

THEY SAID! new edition
Create Disturbance In Your Mind
Watercolor of Jandek Debut
Language Scraps 02 new edition
Inside A Gleaming Feeling
Entrances Uncovered new edition
Fix The Mirrors
The Dirty Year
Punk is Dad
A Side: Are Your Dreams at Night 1985 Sizes too Big?


The Grass is Green in the Fields for You is a small press publisher investigating the unsung corners of music culture, its participants and visual culture.

...whose great idea was it anyway 
an aspect which lays dormant, just sleeping. Lets go backwards...

As 2022 drew to a close, a ‘best of’, an ‘AOTY’, a things I’ve been listening to was assembled and disseminated via the newsletter, here for you to enjoy.

Flowers in the Sky was a radio show from The Grass is Green in the Fields for You which began in March 2019 and ran out of steam in February 2021. All shows can be listened to by clicking these words. The show had talk, sound and music. It launched books and featured guests. Its not that hope has been given up but tiredness has kicked in. Other aspects of sound on the press:

TGIGITFFY—023, No One Will Ever Know, a C45 mix when I couldn’t make it up to the Subcity Studio one time. Here is the accompanying information.

This is commemorative, a celebration, a memento. No songs are duplicated from previous editions, this is all ‘new’ fodder tying together and continuing some of the themes from FitS. For those new to the show, sit comfortably and enjoy a physical artefact with its accompanying hiss.

To continue our journey, sound occupies many catalogue numbers on the press. The first with official denoting being TGIGITFFY—003, For now, and introduction...

Here is the accompanying information

Are these statements?
Are these intentions?
Are you showing us the way?

And this can still be downloaded by clicking these words. If we go further back a small archive of sorts can be found by clicking these words. Lots to enjoy for now, more added to this page over time.