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The Grass is Green in the Fields for You is a small press publisher investigating the unsung corners of music culture, its participants and visual culture.


Create Disturbance In Your Mind — Private Sorrow

TGIGITFFY—033 / October 2022

Landing on my doorstep in the Summer of 2022 was a package from Matthew. Within this bubblewrap casing was a book, a hefty book, called Create Disturbance In Your Mind. A 'micro-edition publication' (I received copy 15/57) which I was infatuated with from the get go. Full colour collages adorn the left hand pages, and automatic writing in short passages on the right. Typewritten, fast. As you reach the end you find the works are all created and correspond to a 2CD compilation 'Create Disturbance In Your Mind' by Midnight Mines, of which Sorrow is one half. Listening and responding in immediate fashion creating the outcome. I was struck by how immediate this was. Typewritten, fast, no outtakes, all included.

I then contacted Sorrow on a whim—can I release this through The Grass is Green...?—he had found me, I will find him. As with lets say, Punk is Dad by Jamie Johns, I felt there was so much to be seen and felt from this publication that a shift from micro- to open- was appropriate. And here we are. The original full colour and A5, this version smaller for the pocket and black and white, call it a facsimile, call it making it as immediate as possible.

Private Sorrow is the imagined persona of a human being living in North-East London who likes tearing up bits of paper and gluing them down, hammering random thoughts out on his typewriter, and making music with his pal Baron Saturday as the Midnight Mines. Under different names he has played in punk bands, puts on a monthly reggae disco at the Trade Union Hall in his neighbourhood, and runs the Disciples label.
120mm x 155mm, 132pp, perfect bound with fold in flaps, black and white digital printed interior, red and violet risograph printed cover, first edition of 200, other editions will follow.

£12 + Postage