Language Scraps 02 — Paul Wilson
Mark E. Smith’s Handwriting and the Typography of The Fall

TGIGITFFY—030 / May 2021
In this essay Paul Wilson views The Fall through a typographiuc lens and explores their visual identity as propelled and produced by Mark E. Smith. 

“Mark E. Smith’s handwriting became part of The Fall’s visual identity: a typographic signifier of and for The Fall. His attitude towards the development and articulation of a visual identity for The Fall, and in particular the use of his handwriting, reflects his position towards The Fall’s sonic identity. Further, his ambivalence towards contemporary technologies (of sound recording, communication and graphic design), together with his fascination with the idea of creative unwinding (or as he often calls it ‘unlearning’) continually relocates The Fall’s aesthetic tending towards an idealized primitivism.”

This essay was first published in Mark E. Smith and The Fall: Art, Music and Politics (2010) published by Routledge. Edited, updated and represented March 2021. Second edition produced in June 2023.

Paul Wilson is a researcher, designer and writer whose work explores the everyday forms, places and histories of utopian words, actions and objects. He is a Lecturer in the School of Design at the University of Leeds.
120mm x 180mm, 36pp, saddle stitched, black digital printed and green risograph interior, various paper stocks, black, green and brown printed cover, second edition of 150, other editions will follow.

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