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The Grass is Green in the Fields for You is a small press publisher investigating the unsung corners of music culture, its participants and visual culture.


From the office of The Grass is Green in the Fields for You 2019—Reader

TGIGITFFY—016 / December 2019
An end of year publication which is best described by an excerpt from its introduction:

The purpose of this publication is to draw a close to the activities surrounding The Grass is Green in the Fields for You (TGIGITFFY) through 2019 and serve as a companion and resource for you, the reader, from us, the contributors. Maybe this is your first time coming across the publisher and you’ve just been motivated by a glance at the book’s content, maybe you have a couple of titles, maybe you have them all, most importantly, you’re here and may this ‘reader’ help you understand some of the thinking behind the first 16 releases on the imprint.

It matters who’s material this is and some of this material is not ours, we do not have a claim on it.

Much of the content is not originally produced by its contributors. This notion of reproduction is relevant when understanding and exploring the relationship of music and culture. We often see cover versions, fan forums and collections. Let’s view these differently: as transformations, communities and archives. This publication holds facsimiles determined by the personal interests of each contributor, and their varying relationships to the given material. However, these references are for you to consider how they may well linger past an initial reading and radiate into your consciousness in weeks/months/years to come.

Featuring contributions from Milano Chow, Esther Draycott, Manuel Fernandez Rodriguez, Jessica Higgins, Graham Holliday, Jamie Johns, Natalie Judge & Stephen Pietrzykowski, Nicholas Lynch, Ethan Swan and Matthew Walkerdine.

In the spirit of sharing and giving, here is a free download to the PDF.

If you do enjoy the publication, please consider buying a copy for your collection and supporting the press.
108mm x 175mm, 254 pages, black and white digitally printed interior, full colour printed and gloss finished covers, perfect bound. Open edition, until the next reader is complete.

£10 + Postage — B U Y