No One Will Ever Know

C45 Cassette Tape duplicated at home, 2 colour risograph printed artwork, fluorescent red sticker to denote A-side, plastic pinless case, edition of 15.


For the fans, No One Will Ever Know acts as a marker of the 12th broadcast of Flowers in the Sky on Subcity Radio. 23 tracks packed onto a C45 cassette tape with a tracklist I won’t tell you. This is commemorative, a celebration, a memento. No songs are duplicated from previous editions, this is all ‘new’ fodder tying together and continuing some of the themes from FitS. For those new to the show, sit comfortably and enjoy a physical artefact with its accompanying hiss.

Available for the price of postage and its bubblewrap mailer.

May 2020

£3 + Postage included


Since they’re sold out SIDE A here and SIDE B here.