From the Office... (poster)

c l i c k   f o r   m o r e  i m a g e s

A3, single colour (brown) risograph onto 80gsm coral, recycled stock. Hand-stamped with TGIGITFFY—001. Single sided. Promotional item. Edition of 50.


Made during the COVID-19 UK lockdown. Whilst we’re lucky to have access to risograph machinery during this horrible turn of events, we need to perserve and look after the equipment to ensure nothing ceases or spoils. Whilst undertaking the maintenance, it felt like a waste to just put paper in the machine and let it spew out ink. In a flash of improvisation and with TGIGITFFY—016 on the shelves, this poster was made straight on the scanning bed.

April 2020

Free if you see one.
Added to each order as you buy.
Used graphically to re-promote a glut of From the office of The Grass is Green in the Fields for You 2019 — Reader’s which were printed pre-lockdown.