Flowers in the Sky 010
ʇsɐɔpɐoɹq oıpɐɹ ʎʇıɔqns ʎןɥʇuoɯ
This month from home

Two Hours, 11 March 2020


As life takes over, getting to Subcity this month (and next, eep!) is difficult and therefore I’ve had to forage small pockets of time at home. Don’t let that fool you into thinking its of lesser quality.

This month’s show is very much influenced by what is happening around. The artwork is in UCU colours — your editor is on strike. Here is to everyone else around the country doing the same.

More information on the inductrial action is on the UCU website.

Until next time.
March 2020

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Gary Davenport & Mannequin - Trust In Authority
The Field Mice - Coach Station Reunion
Huon - The View
The Pooh Sticks - I Know Someone...
Charcoal Owls - Foam home
Barbara Manning - Never Park
Household - Desperate Times
Unrest - Hey London
The Popguns - Because He Wanted To
Biff Bang Pow! - Five Minutes In The Life Of Greenwood Goulding
Ivor Cutler Trio - Last Song
Terry Riley & Don Cherry - Descending Moonshine Dervishes
Ohm-a-Revelator - World's End
Marnie Weber - Songs Hurt Me (2)
Flying Saucer Attack - Make Me Dream
Nein Rodere - Cesa
The Futurians - Psilicon March
Mosquitoes - VX
Movietone - Under the 3000ft Red Ceiling
The Garbage & The Flowers - Love Comes Slowly Now
Still House Plants - Coco
Alastair Galbraith & Constantine Karlis - Radiant