The Grass is Green in the Fields for You


Punk is Dad
by Jamie Johns
210mm x 120mm, 16pp, staple bound, hand stamped cover, includes a double sided poster, open edition.


TGIGITFFY is proud to present Punk is Dad by Jamie Johns; an engaging, powerful and important text now released in an open edition. Originally released in 2011 as a beautifully produced edition of 35 by Oso Press of Los Angeles, USA we're now able to deliver a near-facsimile edition with a wider distribution.

Original and appropriated images and texts that convey gendered dialogues in punk and noise-related media. Fold-out of Dorothy single cover.

To quote a dear friend and collaborator:

"It is embarrassing to talk about PUNK IS DAD because Jamie's presentation is so succinct you end up using twice as many words as her only to clomp and lurch around its perfection. I will just say that this zine is sharply vindicating for people who love punk but also think about its contradictions, its recuperation, and its deep possibility so undermined by the alienating force of male punk attitude. And if you haven't really thought about these things so much, but you love punk, it will turn your body to a skeleton. ”

Tracklist below

£4 + Postage


Jamie Johns is a consultant and writer based in Brooklyn, NY. Previously she wrote the "Freak Scene" column for The Fader, has been published in other places like Vogue and Interview, and wrote another zine for Oso Press called "Tour of China" about Chinese history. She is currently the co-DJ of the monthly radio show Part Time Punk on The Lot Radio and has a lot of opinions on just about everything, but especially music.

M I X   T R A C K L I S T
Noh Mercy - Caucasian Guilt
SPK - Day of Pigs
Master/Slave Relationship - Getting Old
Nine Inch Nails - Last
Front 242 - Don't Crash
Dorothy - Softness
Godflesh - Slavestate
Shoppers - II
Chris and Cosey - Driving Blind
Prag Vec - The Follower
Test Dept. - Sweet Sedation
Star Pimp - Pee Test
Tunnel Canary - Er Dang
Prurient - Palm Tree Corpse
Clan of Xymox - No Words
Total Control - Love Performance
Poly Styrene - Trick of the Witch
Babes in Toyland - Ripe
The Garbage and the Flowers - Carousel